Couples wanting to enjoy the style of a luxury wedding, while avoiding the headache of a big-production, have a new choice – Simply Wed’s luxe pop-up weddings.

The wow factor without the stress factor, is the motto of the Auckland-based business which will be offering luxe pop-ups in the 2018-19 Summer/Autumn season.

“It’s all the style and fun of the best wedding you’ve been to, in two hours,” says Simply Wed’s Kevin Townsend.

“Many couples are short on time for organising a big wedding, or find themselves in circumstances where a small wedding is more appropriate. This is particularly so for people without family nearby or those who have been married previously.

“They want something special, without the hassle or outrageous expense. Simply Wed organises everything from celebrant to flowers, cake and photography, plus more.

“Luxe pop-ups will be at premium venues with just the touch of magic couples are looking for, each venue having its own unique style. Champagne and canapes will be the order of the day, and we have some extra services planned that will add even more to that special day.”

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