We all know that beauty comes from the inside – but who doesn’t want their skin to look the best it can be on their wedding day?

Many brides feel overwhelmed when it comes to what makeup to have and how to find a makeup artist for their wedding day. Great makeup starts with good skin. Brides – and grooms – want to have the best skin for their big day. 

This week we were invited to speak to brides at Caci Clinic Newmarket, along with the Caci experts and renowned makeup artist Serenity Anderson. We learned a whole lot of great tips for looking and feeling your best!

Your Skin

Rather than investing your hard earned cash on “little pots of hope”, invest in treatments and a regime that actually works. We all have those pots and serums piled up in our cupboards, that we know really don’t do much! But skincare and beauty can be a minefield, so you need to go to the experts, who really know their stuff – and won’t waste your time or money on snake-oil and promises!

You can have a free, no-obligation consultation with the experts at Caci, who recommend starting early to prep your skin for your wedding day, 12 – 6 months before.  A year out is ideal to start working towards healthy, glowing skin. Following a simple plan from Caci and you’ll be putting your best face forward on your big day. They will be able to recommend the best options for your skin and your needs and concerns, be it pigmentation, spots, pigmentation/dark marks, roseacea, wrinkles & aging, hair removal, blackheads & clogged pores or dry skin and hydration.

It can be intimidating going into a beauty therapy clinic – but The Caci Clinic Newmarket team are so friendly, and welcoming. It’s not scary at all! We highly recommend that if you have any skin concerns – or you just want your skin to have that bridal glow for your big day, contact them here for a chat.

Make up for the Big Day

Makeup artist Serenity Anderson is a well-respected editorial makeup & hair artist who works regularly with Trelise Cooper, Moochi, Simply You Magazine, Fashion Quarterly and celebs such as Lily Allen & Jane Seymour just to name a few.

We loved Serenity’s ethos that your wedding day makeup should show off “the best version of you”. No one wants to look back on their wedding photos and think “Who IS that?!”, or be upset about how their make-up looked. We asked Serenity for advice on how to choose a make-up artist for your wedding day look.

  1. Research

Do your research when it comes to finding your perfect makeup artist.  Google makeup artists in the location you are getting married in, e.g. Auckland, then look at the artists photos of wedding makeup they have done.  Do you like their style?

  1. Recommendations

Ask around your friends and family for amazing makeup artists they have had themselves or know about.  Look at their wedding photos if handy…. does the makeup look flawless and dewy, yet not too heavy?  A lot of my bridal work is from other brides recommendations.

  1. Social Media

Have a look at makeup artists in your location on Instagram and Facebook.  From my experience you are more likely to see the makeup artist’s latest work uploaded on Instagram and Facebook.  I personally upload more photos on my Instagram page and Insta-stories then on my website.

  1. Book a Trial

Always book a makeup trial before committing to your makeup artist, unless you know that you can trust their work.  This is YOUR day, and you want the look that you feel comfortable with.  There is nothing worse than just trusting anyone, then come the special day and it’s not what you wanted.  (90% of my brides like to have a trial).

  1. Reviews

Always check reviews about your artist.  Customers are honest, so it’s always good to check reviews before committing to your artist, just in case their photos look good, but they slack in other areas.  You need to know that you can trust your artist 100%. 


You can contact Serenity here if you would like to book her for a trial, or find out more.

Happy Wedding planning!


Image from Serenity Makeup.


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