Food, Glorious Food

A range of menu styles – from buffet to fine dining – deliver the options you want at the right price. Our food showcases the best of local ingredients, and choices include plenty of kiwi favourites. Your guests won’t stop talking about how good the meal was.

Plated Meals

The most popular option for wedding parties, plated meals are the elegant dining solution that delivers everything you might expect from a quality restaurant. At our venues this extends to a fine dining option.


A great way to cater to a wide variety of tastes and appetites, family style dining serves sharing plates down the middle of the table. Guests love being able to help themselves without having to stand in a buffet line.

Buffet Service

Buffet meals are still a favourite for many, combining practicality with a little nostalgia. You can choose from a wide range of hot and cold dishes, including dessert offerings, with canapes or grazing table to start.


What better way to start your dining experience than with a range of canapes! These are usually served in the golden hour straight after the ceremony and/or while the happy couple are off having their photos taken.

Over The Bar

Whatever sorts of drinks you and your guests would like, we can help. As well as the standard house wines and beers, you can add a premium wine list or request a particular label. Couple’s cocktails are a specialty.

Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake is an age-old tradition that completes your wedding. Our fabulous cake makers can create a one, two or even three-tier cake with a selection of flavours, decorated in the latest styles.