Redwoods Treehouse

Simply Magical

Capacity – up to 60 people

An Enchanted Venue Like No Other

Who wouldn’t look back on a wedding at the Treehouse with indelible memories? Standing within its curved walls, looking out at the forest floor 10 metres below, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in another age, or even on another planet.

The innovative design has captured imaginations around the world, with the web overflowing with articles about this unique building. It’s even been used in the MTV series the Shannara Chronicles. If there’s a sense of deja vu when you see its curved shape, that’s probably because it began life as the centrepiece of a series of Yellow Pages TV advertisements in 2009.

Now availableĀ for public events, the Treehouse can be yours for the wedding that fantasies are made of. And if it seems likeĀ a magical venue during the day, it’s even more enchanting in the evening and on into the night. The perfect place for an after-wedding party.

Mission Incredible

Pacific Environments Ltd, Architects

The commission to build an enchanted treehouse fell to PEL architects Lucy Gauntlett and Peter Eising. They strived to produce something organic and in keeping with the setting, which was also totally functional.

They describe the aesthetic as “reminiscent of childhood dreams and playtime, fairy stories of enchantment and imagination. It’s inspired through many forms found in nature – the chrysalis/cocoon protecting the emerging butterfly/moth, perhaps an onion/garlic clove form hung out to dry. It is also seen as a lantern, a beacon at night that simply glows yet during the day it might be a semi-camouflaged growth or a tree fort that provides an outlook and that offers refuge.”

Redwoods Treehouse

1415 State Highway 1, Warkworth

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