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Celebrants and wedding coordinator

Making It All About You

Having a joyous, stressfree wedding is all about the people who make that happen for you who always stay focused on your needs.

The most important of those during the ceremony is the celebrant, who doubles as MC and support person. The celebrant guides couples along the exciting part of ceremony planning and of course the important part of the marriage license process. Celebrants know about nerves, last minute problems – they’ve seen it all. That’s especially so for Simply Wed’s Sarah Bloxham and Dianne Troup.

Sarah has seen 500 couples through their ceremonies and has become one of the most popular celebrants in Auckland with her charm, humour and straightforward approach. Dianne is another hugely popular celebrant with more than 14 years experience and is currently President of the Celebrants Association NZ. Dianne’s focus is ensuring the couple have a fun, meaningful ceremony that they can enjoy and remember.

Minimising the stress of the occasion is assisted by a pre-wedding consultation. Couples are invited to participate in the one-hour session to decide what the vows and readings will be, to outline how the day will run, and to work through the marriage license requirements.

Behind the scenes, our wedding coordinators are in charge of organising the whole day. Months of planning go into the preparation of each wedding.

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Making Weddings Fabulous

Sarah Bloxham, Celebrant

“You should know that your celebrant is full of ideas and inspiration, they have confidence, they can speak to the guests and make your day memorable, but mostly that the celebrant is here to guide you along the way. That’s my role, and I love what I do (I think you can tell)  – making ceremonies fabulous.

“I enjoy hearing your story of what got you to today. There are so many elements that make a wedding awesome.  Every wedding has its hard bits as well, maybe someone dear has passed, but the three of us together weave a story with different parts that progress through with the outcome being your ceremony on your special day. It’s about you – don’t forget that. Your day.”

Unique Ceremonies

Dianne Troup, Celebrant

“Weddings often take an enormous amount of planning to ensure everything is just right.. not only on the day but in those busy, fun, lead up days. The ceremony planning is an important part of this.

“I enjoy the buzz of a wedding and love meeting with couples to listen to their story and discover what they see as important. Every person is unique; every couple’s relationship is unique; so everyone deserves a ceremony written just for them.”


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