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Today’s couples have much more than pen and paper available to organise a wedding. An easy-to-use website can save a heap of time and stress, ensuring, for instance, that guests know when and where to turn up.

More than that, it’s a great way to show friends and family what the venue is like, what’s planned for the day and accommodation options – all integrated with social media.

The website and admin access to it are provided free of charge. The standard site is set up by our team.  Initially, all you have to do is send some appropriate images and text. From there you can add more content, with some sections being left blank for you to fill. Once everything’s good to go the site is made live with a personalised URL.

If the technology proves too much, we’re happy to give additional assistance at an hourly rate.

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Guest Lists And More

Simply Wed’s free web site puts you in charge of the important details of your wedding.

With admin access to the backend of the site, couples can manage their guest list by keeping up with who is and isn’t going to attend, adding and changing sections of the site and integrating with social media.

Just ask for admin access when you sign up.

sample website

Here is an example of a standard web site, with the various types of sections. These can be added or deleted using the interface which is easy to follow for anyone familiar with computers, social media and/or smartphones.

The title section tells the basic story of the wedding.

Get your guests to the venue on time with details of where and when, plus a Google map.

The gallery can be used for all sorts of purposes, from showcasing the venue to providing a photo album of how you got to this point.  The list goes on.

In case anyone forgets, here are the details of the big day. This section can be copied to let people know about any other activities such as the Sunday brunch after the wedding.

Nothing like a countdown clock to add a little excitement.

A pre-wedding video can be embedded.

People attending can RSVP in this section – invaluable for managing guest lists.

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